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These articles are designed for general information only.  The information presented in these articles should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney/client relationship.

Got a Traffic Ticket - Now What?

Traffic laws are frequently violated by many people, but there are consequences to violation of those laws, primarily financial.  As a private citizen or a business owner, everyone is subject to those costs if you, a member of your family, or one of your workers is convicted of a traffic violation.  This article is intended to better help you understand those consequences.  I have spent time as an assistant district attorney prosecuting traffic cases, and I have worked as a defense attorney defending traffic citations.  Hopefully, some of my observations will be helpful to you. (read more)

General Liability Insurance Coverage for Faulty Construction

In addition to insurance policies such as those covering workman’s compensation, premises liability, and vehicle liability, many business owners have also purchased a comprehensive general liability (CGL) policy.  The idea is to provide insurance for liability that may not be covered by other policies.  But, what does the policy actually cover? (read more)

Last Furnishing and Lien Rights

Most contractors are aware that, if the Owner or General Contractor on a private project fails to pay for labor or materials, the person supplying the labor or materials may file a mechanics’ lien.  Most contractors are also aware of the two strict time limits contained in Chapter 44A of the North Carolina statutes - 120 consecutive calendar days for filing a lien and 180 consecutive calendar days for perfecting that lien by filing a lawsuit. (read more)

Triggering the Statutes of Limitations for Construction Claims

In order to avoid potential open-ended liability for an indefinite period of time, the North Carolina Legislature has enacted various statutes of limitations.  The time in which to file a lawsuit regarding improvements to real property is primarily governed by two statutes, N.C. Gen. Stat. §1-50 and N.C. Gen. Stat. §1-52.   First, N.C. Gen. Stat. §1-50 sets an outside time limit of six years for filing a lawsuit to “recover damages based upon or arising out of the defective or unsafe condition of an improvement to real property.” (read more)

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